Automate your plastic film production with AI. Reduce waste, issues and energy consumption

Use Artificial Intelligence to assist your line operator in the film extrusion process and reduce waste, energy consumption, defective profiles, production and recycling costs.
The predictive model is autonomous, reliable in making decisions and monitors production in real time.

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Ease the work of your line operator.
Produce more with less resources and human input

Since the plastic film extrusion process is not fixed, you need to always have a line operator on duty to adjust controls, based on the requirements of each order and product – temperature, speed, pressure air-flow. You also need to count on the training and experience of operators, which vary. Also, there’s more uncertainty than ever because of supply chain issues, rising costs of production, energy and waste. But the technology is accessible now, and your factory can benefit from it too. Our AI-based software allows you to automate the whole production process, not just the machines, in relation with other factors that couldn’t be controled until now – raw material, energy costs and disturbances, all while increasing productivity, safety and the decision making process.


Measure the quality of raw materials, environment and monitor the production process.


Stay updated with alerts regarding data, functionality issues, and the accuracy of the process development.


Predict the quality of the film and get insights on the process with explanatory models.

Close Loop optimization 

Reduce uncertainties in the process and changes during production.

Monitoring & Visualization 

Visualize your data and improve the decision-making process through validation of the models.

Reinforcement learning 

Maximize the efficiency of your processes, monitor them live from everywhere and turn data into visual representations.

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    Install the module easily

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    Let it learn and make suggestions

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    Line operator applies suggestions

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