Innovative products must succeed. That’s why we build them from scratch or support other founders

After almost 20 years of developing software, and after investing in 15+ start-ups, we put our learnings and expertise in the hands of founders and companies to help them innovate for their customers and industries. Accelerate your growth, and navigate the product lifecycle successfully with our capital, validation process, software development, expertise, and client network.

Idea studio

We build digital products from scratch and turn them into scalable start-ups that solve real industry needs. After we make sure your solution is really needed, we build the team, invest, and support the launch process with our talent, support, expertise, and network of clients. You decide your level of commitment.

Joint Ventures

We’ll join your start-up as a technical co-founder. To take it off the ground, we invest part of the capital needed for launch and create the development team with the required skills. Our network of enterprise clients will fast-track your time-to-market, and help you get your first paying customers. We invest together, we do business together.

0 Start-ups funded

With capital and smart money

0 Start-ups co-founded

With founders that needed technical support

0 Spin-offs launched

To solve industry needs

Your great product or start-up starts with a need, a founder and a vision

To build and scale start-ups and products for your industry, you need to start small. And we know that. The opportunities we take on are surrounded by uncertainty. There’s nothing much to look for so we focus on what’s available to us. We take bets to build products and join founders based on three main things: the need for their product, the founder’s experience in the industry and his vision. The need is the most important, the founder is essential to take it into the market successfully and the vision needs to be clear.

What we’re looking for:

A need for your product


Your industry expertise


Your vision



After building software for manufacturing companies, and investing in leading industry 4.0 start-ups, we offer our expertise to help you turn your own idea to life or your digital product into a scalable start-up.

Let's innovate manufacturing


Medical digital products are hard to build –growth is slow, they need certifications and scientific proof for their results. Our technical expertise, industry knowledge, and connections will help you navigate all those barriers efficiently so you launch a proven, scalable medical product.

Let’s innovate healthcare

We’re also interested in:

FinTech, PropTech, EdTech, and other vertical industries related to these. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any B2B idea or prototype that has international perspectives for expansion.

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Avem nevoie de mai mulți DOCTORPRENORI. Află din articol ce skill-uri îi califică pe doctori să fie cei mai potriviți fondatori de start-up-uri medicale.
With over 200 years of history, manufacturing has always been affected by technological developments and shifts throughout its existence. From the first industrial revolution to the introduction of the first computers half a century ago, manufacturing had to adapt.
The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 is here to stay. Digital Transformation is no longer a buzzword in manufacturing, but a necessity for those who want to survive. It’s understandable since the technologies allowing for this kind of innovation are more accessible than ever and the results after implementation speak for themselves (They only take a few months to be visible, not years).

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Building products or launching start-ups is risky

Take all the risk and uncertainty out of building, launching and scaling your digital product or start-up

Let’s build and scale together