Building, co-founding and investing in healthcare digital products and start-ups

Get from idea to impact

We build medical digital products from scratch and we partner with entrepreneurs from the medical industry. Together, we’re helping doctors and clinics save time and improve their patient’s health with technology.


Get access to the knowledge, expertise, and talent from our portfolio of medical start-ups and spin-offs that we launched. Accelerate your growth and avoid the common pitfalls in your start-up's lifecycle.

Medical software development

Get a whole team of developers and product people with experience in building medical software to work on your solution.

Network of doctors and clinics

Get your first customers or expand your business with our network of clients, doctors and clinics willing to try your solution and share learnings.


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Innovate the healthcare industry with us

Build your digital product with us or scale your start-up with a technical co-founder.

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