Innovative products must succeed. That’s why we build them from scratch or support other founders

After almost 20 years of developing software, and after investing in 15+ start-ups, we put our learnings and expertise in the hands of founders and companies to help them innovate for their customers and industries. Accelerate your growth, and navigate the product lifecycle successfully with our capital, validation process, software development, expertise, and client network.

Idea studio

We build digital products from scratch and turn them into scalable start-ups that solve real industry needs. After we make sure your solution is really needed, we build the team, invest, and support the launch process with our talent, support, expertise, and network of clients. You decide your level of commitment.

Joint Ventures

We’ll join your start-up as a technical co-founder. To take it off the ground, we invest part of the capital needed for launch and create the development team with the required skills. Our network of enterprise clients will fast-track your time-to-market, and help you get your first paying customers. We invest together, we do business together.